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Youth Camps

We build future inspiring leaders by providing teen and student camps.

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Based on our belief in the role of the youth in building the future of the UAE and the world, we at Etisalat Academy develop programs in various fields to empower future leaders and provide them with the skills needed for a better tomorrow. Etisalat Academy camps for youth provide a safe environment within organized programs aimed at the growth to build their independence and develop self-confident individuals.

Etisalat Academy camps provide an opportunity for the participants to unleash their creativity and skills while providing them with the necessary tools within the context of a unique learning experience. 

Youth Camps Benefits

Companies who choose to invest in giving back to the society and offer or sponsor youth camps can achieve the following

  • Help achieve the vision of UAE
  • Develop ambition, sense of responsibility and loyalty to the country
  • Develop a lifelong love for learning
  • Help youth acquire practical skills in the specific industry

Youth Camps Themes


We aim to engage our teens and build future leaders by offering camps to the youth focusing on:

  • Future skills
  • Robotics
  • Emerging technology (Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics)
  • Innovation
  • ICT entrepreneurship
  • Sports
  • Application development

And any theme your company would like to promote.

Delivery Methodology

Our camps are fun, interactive, and engaging. Our students learn new skills while enjoying their time with our experienced facilitators.

We deliver the camps on our premises, on your premises, or completely online with supporting tools and kits to create ultimate engaging experience for the youth.

All security and safety measures are implemented in line with the directives of the authorities on the campus of the Academy. Click here to learn more.


End-to-End Management

Our experienced team will manage the camp end-to-end and dedicate highly qualified trainers and coaches to assist the kids in their tasks and missions to ensure ultimate benefits and unforgettable experience.

Additional services include:

  • Marketing and promotional material, such as camp logo, publications, guiding instructions, etc..
  • Outfits and bags with camp logo
  • Smart application to track kids’ tasks and completion rates
  • Text message & call service for continuous communication with parents
  • Meal, bus and registration services
  • Multiple reports throughout the event and after it to help the client track the learning and the benefits