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Course Overview
GPON network offers greater interoperability with metro-core networks and it is specially designed to work with IP or ATM Protocol in the backhaul.  In a connectionless environment such as IP cloud, traffic engineering is an important issue that addresses end-to-end service delivery and network efficiency.  When a service provider deploys such a network in the access, it is very important for its Engineers to understand how protocols converge at different layers of the OSI especially at the time critical services like voice & video are offered in the Telco network.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Engineering personnel involved in core & access network planning, solution architects, and operation and maintenance personnel.
Course Prerequisites
Knowledge of access networks and basic understanding of data communication
Expected Accomplishments
Describe GPON service architecture  
Describe the functional elements
Backhauling solutions
GPON Frame format
Modes of Frame forwarding 
Intelligent bridging & cross-connect
Identify trusted and untrusted traffic modes
Identify tagged and untagged traffic  classification
GEM Encapsulation
Understand GPON protocol layers for converged services
Describe OLT/ONT QoS architecture
Understand network management in GPON
Describe L2 and L3 protocol handling in GPON
Course Outline
GPON fundamentals
Functional elements, G.984.x standards, transmission modes, upstream and downstream QoS, GPON reference model.
GPON service architecture
L2/L3 service architecture, GigE interface, VLAN types and PON transceiver handling functions.

GPON protocol stack
Physical media dependant (PMD) layer, transmission convergence (TC), OMCI layer and GEM frame structure. 
Network convergence functions
Forwarding modes - cross connect & bridging, marking modes & tagging modes, 802.3 frame format, 802.1Q, single tag/dual tagging, trusted/ untrusted network functions.

GPON applications
VoIP protocols -SIP, MEGACO, MGCP, transmission protocols – RTP & RTCP, streaming protocol RTSP, multicasting-PIM & IGMP, mapping of Multicast IP to Multicast MAC.

GPON management network
Inband & outband management interface, OMCI, Smart-OMCI, SNMP-MIB and TL1.