Telecom Training Solutions

If you're looking for practical, engaging and skills-oriented training in IP, MPLS, WiMAX, 3G, LTE, VoIP, or virtually any other major telecom technology, Etisalat Academy is the place to go to. Part of Etisalat's long standing tradition of award-winning telecom services, we provide training and know-how services to some of the region's largest telecommunications operators.

Who can benefit?

We equip government organisations, private companies and individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to design, build and operate large scale telecommunications networks. Offering a diverse pool of telecom experts and consultants, we understand the specific telecom training requirements of your industry - from defense and energy, through healthcare, finance, retail or manufacturing.
Our training solutions are comprehensive - we cover access, transport and core networks, switching, network management and security, telecom services, telecom strategy, planning and management, as well as programmes that are beyond the technology, but are an integral part of the network - customer service, sales and marketing, finance & accounting, project management and many other related programmes.

Why choose Etisalat Academy?

And while many telecom training organisations bring PowerPoint slides to a skills-oriented programme, our training facility features the purpose-built labs and workshops that will get your team to "walk the talk". We have partnered with major telecom manufacturers and built industry alliances across the globe to bring you the latest and the greatest in telecom strategy, technology and equipment.

Whether you're looking for a vendor-neutral course on a cutting-edge technology, or a bespoke training programme that equips your team with product-specific competencies and skills, here at Etisalat Academy we've got the expertise that will bring the desired outcome.

  Category Course Code Course Name
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TAT-540 Huawei GPON Operation & Maintenance-MA5600T
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TAT-541 GPON ONT Operation & Maintenance
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TDN-131 IP Networking Essentials
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TDN-140 Interconnecting IP Networking Devices
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TDN-157 IPv6 Fundamentals
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TDN-500 Voice Over IP
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TDN-630 Understanding IPTV
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TDN-800 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-111 GPON OSP Installation & Testing
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-112 GPON OSP Maintenance
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-113 FTTH Installation and Termination
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-114 FTTH OSP Construction
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-115 FTTH Network Commissioning, Testing and Maintenance
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-125 GPON-FTTH Planning & Optimization
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-222 Optical Fiber Network Testing and Maintenance
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-230 Optical Fiber Cable Construction for Planners
  Fixed  Access Networks & Technologies TEC-321 FOA- Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)
  General Telecoms  TGT-113 (FTTH) ONU Installation Quality Standards
  General Telecoms  TGT-200 Telecom Fundamentals
  General Telecoms  TGT-510 Workplace Health & Safety
  IP- MPLS Networks & Technologies  TNM-300 Next Generation Networks (NGN)
  Transport Technologies & Networks  TNM-310 Next Generation Transmission Networks
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-230 GSM Cell Planning
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-240 GSM Roaming
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-415 3G/4G Wireless Networks
  Transport Technologies & Networks  TRC-620 VSAT Networks-Planning, Design and Implementation
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-700 WiMAX System Survey
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-805 4G - Long Term Evolution (LTE) System Survey
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-807 4G – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Air Interface
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-808 4G - Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network Planning
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-825 Voice Over LTE
  Mobile Networks & Radio Technologies TRC-835 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Network

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