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  We deliver a comprehensive range of business training programs, seminars and masterclasses in management, leadership, communications and interpersonal skills, project management, office administration, marketing, sales, human resources, finance, accounting, and customer service. Offering open enrollment as well as closed in-house programmes, our learning services are available to customers throughout the Middle East and Africa.

We extend your learning beyond the traditional classroom environment by employing multiple learning tools - from workplace learning or collaboration, through coaching and mentoring.

  Category Course Code Course Name
  Accounting ACT-105 Professional Cash Handling
  Accounting ACT-106 Time Value of Money & Capital Budgeting
  Accounting ACT-121 Financial Forecasting & Budgeting for  Business Planning
  Accounting ACT-131 Credit Control & Debt Recovery
  Accounting ACT-151 Finance Skills for Managers
  Accounting ACT-175 Business Performance Analysis 
  Accounting ACT-200 Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements & Reports
  Accounting ACT-230 International Financial Reporting Standards Masterclass (IFRS)
  Accounting ACT-255 Basic Financial Modelling
  Accounting ACT-260 Advanced Financial Modeling
  Accounting ACT-270 Risks Evaluation and Management
  Accounting ACT-290 Effective Cost Management 
  Accounting ACT-330 3 Day Mini MBA in Financial Management
  Communication COM-110 Developing Effective Working Relationships  
  Communication COM-124 Managing Difficult Conversations
  Communication COM-125 Meeting Skills - Getting Results & Read The Body Language
  Communication COM-150 Powerful Presentation for Professionals
  Communication COM-170 Advanced Communication – The Power of Assertiveness
  Communication COM-180 Advanced Negotiation Skills
  Communication COM-181 Conflict Management - Dealing With Difficult People & Situations
  Communication COM-210 Personal Brand & Productive Relationships - Maximizing Personal Impact
  Communication COM-250 The Power of Active Listening & Questions
  Communication COM-255 Creative Thinking and Innovation
  Communication COM-260 Public Speaking & Powerful Presentations 
  Communication COM-295 Influence and Persuasion (getting right things done)
  Communication COM-300 Business Correspondence – Memos, Emails & Letters
  Communication COM-305 Writing Reports and Proposals
  Communication COM-307 Business Etiquette & Work Ethics
  Communication COM-335 World Dominance - 13 practical steps from those who achieved it
  Communication ENG-144 Writing Technical Reports 
  Communication ENG-155 Business Writing That Works
  Communication ENG-155 Business Writing That Works
  Communication ENG-170 Professional Business English
  Customer Service CSS-150 Strategies for Effective Customer Relationship Management
  Customer Service CSS-210 Customer Service Excellence
  Customer Service CSS-220 Handling Complaints [Difficult Customers, Complaint Handling and Solving Problems]
  Customer Service CSS-230 Strategic Customer Service for Managers & Team Leaders
  Customer Service CSS-250 Multi-Dimensional Customer Service for Dynamic Results
  Customer Service CSS-265 Building Superior Customer Experiences
  Human Resource Management HRM-230 Human Resources Training - HR for the Non-HR Manager
  Human Resource Management HRM-240 Managing the Talent in your Team 
  Human Resource Management HRM-245 Giving Effective Feedback
  Human Resource Management HRM-255 Performance Dialogue
  Human Resource Management HRM-265 Interviewing Strategies & Techniques
  Human Resource Management HRM-276 Etisalat Orientation Programme
  Human Resource Management HRM-280 Understanding Employee Behavior 
  Human Resource Management HRM-285 Employee Accountability
  Human Resource Management HRM-310 Managing by KPI-Key Performance Indicators Measure & Control
  Human Resource Management HRM-350 Human Resources Management Workshop
  Human Resource Management HRM-400 Counseling & Coaching
  Human Resource Management HSF-110 First Aid for All
  Logistics LOG-100 Inventory & Warehouse Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-615 Advanced Strategic Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-101 Managing Time and Stress
  Management & Leadership MGT-103 Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making
  Management & Leadership MGT-141 Sharpen Your Management Skills
  Management & Leadership MGT-155 Principles of Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-180 Fundamentals of Risk Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-185 Emotional Intelligence 
  Management & Leadership MGT-195 Anger Management - Dealing With Emotions & Keep Control
  Management & Leadership MGT-212 Lean Thinking & Value Stream Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-240  Business Plan Development & Implementation
  Management & Leadership MGT-260 Decision Making - It's All About Risk, Opportunity & Future
  Management & Leadership MGT-272 Coaching for Management and Leadership Success
  Management & Leadership MGT-370 Action Centered Leadership - Accredited by John Adair 
  Management & Leadership MGT-385 The Power of Now – The science of effective action
  Management & Leadership MGT-385 The Power of Now – The science of effective action
  Management & Leadership MGT-390 Change Management & How to Lead Change
  Management & Leadership MGT-410 Balanced Scorecard Implementation
  Management & Leadership MGT-430 Motivating Your Workforce - Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity
  Management & Leadership MGT-432 Team Players in Winning Teams
  Management & Leadership MGT-435 Team Building - Developing High Performance Teams
  Management & Leadership MGT-440 Leadership for Women - The inner leader 
  Management & Leadership MGT-450 Disaster Recovery Planning
  Management & Leadership MGT-475 Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
  Management & Leadership MGT-481 Performance Management - Managing Employee Performance
  Management & Leadership MGT-520 Commitment to Strategy, Values & Code of Ethics
  Management & Leadership MGT-520 Commitment to Strategy, Values & Code of Ethics
  Management & Leadership MGT-540 The Professional Supervisor
  Management & Leadership MGT-545 Leadership Skills for Supervisors - Communicate & Coach
  Management & Leadership MGT-601 Principles of Change & Implementation
  Management & Leadership MGT-602 Goal Setting
  Management & Leadership MGT-603 Contract Preparation & Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-606 Business Planning
  Management & Leadership MGT-620 Inventory & Stock Management Principals  
  Management & Leadership MGT-635 Diversity Management  - Utilizing Culture Diversity In The Workplace
  Management & Leadership MGT-750 Crisis Management
  Management & Leadership MGT-755 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
  Management & Leadership MGT-765 Self Leadership
  Management & Leadership MGT-775 Delegation - The Art Of Delegating Effectively
  Management & Leadership MGT-800 Knowledge Management
  Marketing MKT-210 Segmentation & Profiling Techniques
  Marketing MKT-240 Branding: Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand
  Marketing MKT-270 Practical Marketing Skills 
  Marketing MKT-280 Developing Etisalat Brand Loyalty 
  Marketing MKT-300 Successful Product Management  
  Marketing MKT-330 Merchandizing
  Marketing MKT-340 The Power of Strategic Marketing
  Marketing MKT-390 Pricing Strategies & Techniques - Services & Products 
  Marketing MKT-395 eMarketing & Social Media - Grow your Business
  Marketing MKT-410 Porter 5 Forces - Marketing Principals (Workshop)
  Quality QLT-122 Successful Project Management
  Quality QLT-123 Essentials of Project Management
  Quality QLT-125 Developing the Quality Mindset
  Quality QLT-151 SMART tools for a SMART Organisation
  Quality QLT-160 Business Process & Re-Engineering
  Quality QLT-210 Six Sigma Approach for Project Management
  Quality QLT-213 Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  Quality QLT-214 Six Sigma Green Belt
  Quality QLT-215 Six-Sigma Black Belt
  Quality QLT-220 Project Management Professionals (PMP) Certificate Exam Preparation
  Quality QLT-230 Innovation & Problem Solving through Quality Circles & Brain Storming
  Quality QLT-275 Lean Process Improvement
  Sales SLS-104 The Art of Sales Part 3 - Dynamic Sales Presentations for Selling Edge
  Sales SLS-115 Sales Management Skills
  Sales SLS-125 Consultative Selling
  Sales SLS-138 Etisalat Data Services of MPLS
  Sales SLS-180 Etisalat Products and Services
  Sales SLS-250 The Art Of Sales Part 2 - Need Identification & Asking The Right Questions
  Sales SLS-262 Competitive Selling using Cross and Up Selling Techniques
  Sales SLS-275 The Art of Sales Part 4 - Overcoming Objection & Closing
  Sales SLS-310 Corporate Billing and Customer Management (CBCM)
  Sales SLS-325 Mastering Customer Retention
  Sales SLS-340 The Art of Sales Part 1 - Developing Business Opportunities
  Sales SLS-400 Strategic and Conceptual Selling
  Sales SLS-410 Key Account Management
  Sales SPA-100 Documents & Records Management  
  Secretarial & Administration  SPA-110 The Professional Executive Secretary, PA & Administrator 

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