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Course Overview
GPON-FTTH technology has become the logical choice for new access network build-outs and for the revamping of the existing ones.  The optical distribution network (ODN) that connects the electronics at the customer site to the central office is most difficult and expensive to build, and once built, the most difficult to change. This course will provide the participants with the knowledge and skills required for careful planning and the evaluation of the different design options for passive ODN, to ensure successful service deployment and network evolution as services evolve and bandwidth needs grow.
Course Schedule
Target Audience

Professionals involved in planning fiber optic access networks.

Course Prerequisites

Basic understanding of telecom. Network and planning traditional access network.

Expected Accomplishments
Identify the components and operation of GPON.
List the components and their variants used in the GPON-FTTH Network.
List different variants of optical power splitters and their uses.
Analyze the demand forecast and come up with the required planning solution.
Design & plan a GPON-FTTH Network meeting the demands of the area as per Planning Guidelines and Formulae.
Apply   the Formulae for Power Budget calculations.
Identify GPON-FTTH Outside Plant and Indoor Plant implementation issues and come up with solutions.

Course Outline
Why optical access?
Optical access network  architectures
What is FTTH?
Drivers for FTTH 
FTTH implementation techniques (point to point, PON and AON)
PON concepts
PON - Centralized splitting
PON - Distributed splitting

Passive optical components
Types and specifications of fibers
Connectors and splices
Optical distribution frames
Optical power splitters
Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH)
Drop boxes
Patch cords

ODN planning & design
Feeder cable design
Distribution cable design
Indoor cabling design and splitter locations
FTTH planning formulae and guidelines
Calculating the number of required splitters as per the forecast
Redundancy/protection considerations
Indoor cabling and fixing issues and considerations
Power budget calculations
Planning documents and drawings

ODN Planning - case study
Comprehensive  exercise on planning & design of  GPON-FTTH Network